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The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima

The Gray Wolf Throne (A Seven Realms Novel)The Gray Wolf Throne

In the Seven Realms Series, there are two books out, and two more on the way, one of them is coming out on August 30. The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima. The first two books in this series are The Demon King, and The Exiled Queen.

The Demon King and Exiled Queen, the previous two books in this series, are filled with action, adventure, romance. They are also fantasy and fiction.

For those people that haven’t read the Demon King and Exiled Queen, here is an intro to give you an idea what has happened in the past.

The Demon King
First Book:
This book is about how Han’s secrets of his life are unveiled, from being a former thief to becoming a wizard, and finding out who his ancestors are and what important role they played in the making or breaking of the world. It all begins when Han takes an amulet from Micah Bayar, son of Gavin Bayar the High Wizard in court. Now that Han has the wizard gift, he and Dancer (who also has the gift) must go to Mystwerk House - a place where wizards are trained to control their powers - which is in Oden’s Ford. Oden’s Ford consists of two houses: Mystwerk House and Wien House.

On the other hand, Princess Raisa ana’Marianna is getting closer to her name day, which is the day she is eligible to marry. And this news is not hidden, and now Raisa is practically trapped by suitors here and there wanting to marry her. But when Gavin Bayar, the High Wizard is influences Queen Marianna’s thoughts, Raisa must escape to a safe place. She decides to go to Wien’s House - a place where people are trained to become soldiers - which is also in Oden’s Ford. But she cannot go there alone, so she must go with Amon Byrne, her childhood friend and his triple of cadets.

The Exiled Queen
Second Book
In this book Hanson Alister and Hayden Fire Dancer go to Mystwerk House in Oden’s Ford to learn how to control their magical gift. As they encounter danger on their way, they manage to get there in one piece. When Han travels to a different world, Aeiidon, in one of his classes, he meets a stranger: Crow. Not knowing who Crow was (in Aeiidon, you can change your appearance to whatever you want) Han is about to leave, but is stopped when Crow promises to teach him harder magic. Han agrees to the deal, but has to talk like a blueblood, someone who lives near the castle and is not a member of a clan. Han goes through the year, wary of Micah Bayar, and learning some tricks to his wizard powers.

Escaping from the queendom of Fells is a little tricky, with guards stationed at the exits. But once Raisa who is using the fake name of Rebecca Morley gets to Oden’s Ford, she gets a vigorous schedule that practically promises her no spare time. And right now she is having some mixed feelings between Amon Byrne, her childhood friend, and Hanson Alister. As Raisa deals through these feelings she is left confused. And to top it off, Micah Bayar a wizard that goes to Mystwerk House across the river is in Oden’s Ford as well. Another person to avoid. He would instantly recognize Raisa for who she was.

Besides the Seven Realms Series, there is another series Cinda Williams Chima has written. The Heir Series. The books are:

The Warrior Heir
The Wizard Heir
The Dragon Heir

2 more books in this series are coming out. It’s not written in stone, but the there is a chance that the titles may be: The Enchanter Heir and The Sorcerer Heir.

I recommend the Seven Realms Series and the Heir Series to anyone that loves adventure and romance rolled into one.

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