Blog posts can be read by anyone in the world. You blog post must not give out personal details, addresses, locations, phone numbers or anything of that nature. Use a "pseudonym" to blog.

Book Review Guidelines for this blog :

-         Must contain at the beginning :
o       Title
o       Author
o       Genre
o       Publisher
o       Your rating (out of 10)

-         Must be 400-500 words (not counting excerpts from book)

-         Ideally have
o       An introduction paragraph – here talk about the author, the genre, the series (if part of a series), or a special feature of the book like color illustrations etc.
o       A brief summary of the book of the beginning of the book – do not give away any endings or secrets
o       Lines describing characters and setting of the book
o       A paragraph(s) describing
§         Why you liked the book or didn’t
§         What the author did well, and what could have improved the book
§         Justify your rating

-         Make the book review appealing (if you liked it) without giving away the book. You must want to get the reader to pick up and read the book by herself/himself.

-    Generally :
  • Use a paragraph to present a single idea. Do not mix up many subjects into one paragraph. 
  • Use vivid words
  • Your writing should flow - connect your sentences by a train of thought.

- Remember that a book review is a personal opinion. It is unique and useful because it is your point of view.

Writing a book review :

Writing a blog post : The below links explain the what, why and how of blogging :

More information coming !
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