Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Title: Demonglass
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Pages: 359
Publisher: Disney Book Group
Genre: Adventure, Romance
Rating: 9/10

If you’ve read ‘Hex Hall’ by Rachel Hawkins, you might remember Sophie Mercer. Sophie has had a hectic first year at Hecate Hall, otherwise known as Hex Hall. Being the odd girl out is nothing, seeing as she has had experience being one her whole life. But having a murderer going around who’s sucking people’s blood is a bit strange even for Sophie, one of only 2 demons in the world. She’s not even human – she’s a monster. But the worst part is that she might just destroy everybody and everything with her powers. Maybe even the whole world.

Now, during the summer, Sophie is traveling with her father and friends, Jenna and Cal to a new home, where she will learn the importance of her powers, and the truth about being a demon. Things are strange at her new home. There are two other teenagers living in the same building as Sophie and her friends, and the strange part is that they’re both demons. But that’s surprising, seeing that Sophie and her father are supposed to be the only two in the world. The worst part is that a mysterious group of people are hunting Sophie down, and won’t stop until she’s dead.

My favorite character in this book is Sophie Mercer. Making the right decision isn’t as easy as people say it is. Faced with dilemmas at every stage of her adventure, Sophie knows that staying out of danger might not be a possibility anymore. And that’s why reading Rachel Hawkins’s stories about Sophie’s adventures is so enjoyable. With Sophie’s heroic and hilarious attitude, reading about her is one heck of a ride.

Hawkins has written a fast-paced book in which readers are thrust into adventure and mystery. As I continued the book, putting it down was no longer an option. With her character in a difficult situation, the author entertains readers with witty and serious dialogue, to the point where rereading this book is a choice I’m sure I won’t regret. Throwing in a surprising turn of events, and a difficult decision or two, makes this book a must-read for teens of all ages.

When I read the excerpt for this book, I just knew I had to read it. Being a sequel to a book like Hex Hall (which I absolutely loved), I knew that it could not be a disappointment, and suffice it to say, I was right. This book is full of action, conflict, confusion and romance. The feelings of love Sophie has for Archer shine through, and help her figure out the solution to her problems. Along with her friends and family, will Sophie be able to differentiate between right and wrong in the messed up, magic-drunk world she is living in?

Rachel Hawkins leads the readers and Sophie through a dangerous, magical world, in which the truth is not what it seems, and true love always prevails. Read Demonglass and join Sophie Mercer on an epic ride of twists and turns to find out the truth about her life and the mystery it holds. I recommend the book Demonglass to all people who love adventure, mystery and romance. The third book in this series, Spell Bound, is also out, and a new upcoming book called School Spirits is releasing in May, 2013.
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