Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Wars

In my school, we have a book club. Each year in book club, there is an activity called Book Wars that we do. Book Wars is when we get quizzed over The Lone Star Books of the year. There are 20 Lone Star Books in all. Some of the books we had to read that year were:

Titles: Author:

- The Season By: Sarah MacLean
- The Roar By: Emma Clayton
- The Demon King By: Cinda Williams Chima
- When You Reach Me By: Rebecca Stead
- Graceling By: Kristin Cashore

You can work together with other people or you can work alone. Most people work in groups so it is easier or because it is more fun. For those that haven’t heard of Book Wars, it is a written test. Here are some of the rules:

- For every question you put the authors name on, you get three extra points
- You must stop writing once time is up

Last year my friend and I entered the competition as a team. We went against 5 other groups, some older, and some younger. In the test there were many questions. You had to remember many details. My partner and I studied for the whole year, reading and rereading the books over and over again. In the end, once the results were in my friend and I won. The book we won was Everfound, the last book to the Skin-Jacker trilogy by the author Neal Shusterman. It was one of the 150 books that were signed by Neal Shusterman himself. Once I read the series I wanted to read the rest of the books he has written.

This includes:

- Unwind
- Bruiser
- Downsiders
- The Eyes of King Midas
- The Shadow Club

And many more!

After the prizes were given, there was a raffle and books were given out. All in all, my first time in Book Wars turned out pretty well.

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