Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guest Post -- Review : The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2)This is a book review by Guest Blogger, KBoy (Emma's brother) : 

Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Sea of Monsters
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction
Publisher: Disney, Hyperion books
Pages: 279
Rating: 8/10
Characters: Percy, Grover, Tyson, Annabeth, Ms. Jackson, Thalia
Setting: Camp Half-Blood, C.C’s spa resort, Princess Andromeda

“My nightmare started like this.”
This is the second book of the Percy Jackson series and in this book also there are some gods mentioned like Poseidon, Hermes, and Hecate. Poseidon is the god of the sea and earthquakes. Hermes is the god of thieves. Hecate is the goddess of sorceress.

The problem in this book is that somebody has poisoned Thalia’s (a demi-God) tree that protects camp half-blood, which is a training camp for demi-Gods. Thalia’s tree is important because it protects all of camp half-blood. Now monsters could get in Camp Half-blood.

Percy, a demi-God, has a dream that tells him that is friend Grover is in trouble. When his mom gets a message from Chiron the activities director in camp half-blood he says Percy cannot come to Camp half-blood yet because there is a problem. Percy must try to solve the problem at Camp half-blood and help Grover. So Percy goes on a quest to get the Golden Fleece, which is the only thing that can turn Thalia’s tree back to normal.

My opinion of the book is that it has many interesting parts in it. I think Rick Riordan does a good job trying to hook the reader in his introduction. What I liked most about the book was the part when Percy had a dream about Grover and how he was in trouble. I think this book was as good as any of the Harry Potter books. Even though the beginning and end of the book was good I thought the middle of the book was better. If you like Greek gods I recommend this book for you.

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